Site search powered by Google coming to

| Author: Bob Mabbitt | Media Contact: Lauren Sawyer

Since the launch of the new, Central Michigan's digital strategy team has worked diligently to bring improved search functionality to users of the site. Those efforts pay off this February with the rollout of Google Programmable Search.
"While we've spent considerable time working with our implementation partners to improve our current search solution, it became clear that it was not meeting our community’s needs,” Vice President for University Communications and Chief Marketing Officer John Veilleux said. “So we asked ourselves, ‘who does search better than Google?’ The answer is no one. We began implementing this Google-enhanced search solution last November and are seeing far better results across the board.” 
Kiera Davenport, director of digital strategy, said the quality assurance and user testing completed on the new Google Search option confirms that assessment.
“This update will make information easy to find and lead to a better overall experience for all users of the CMU website,” Davenport said.
Google Programmable Search:
  • Features Google's core search technology/algorithm.
  • Better understands users' intentions, including misspellings.
  • Provides the experience and performance users expect from the world’s most widely used search engine.
Additional enhancements related to site search include:
  • The number of filters has been reduced to two; People and Programs.
  • Users no longer have to scroll past filters to get to search results.
  • Greater improvement in result rankings from the search engine optimization efforts of page authors.
Associate director of digital content Lauren Sawyer said continuous improvement is the philosophy that guides how the digital strategy team approaches its work on the CMU website.
“Delivering a world-class solution for site search has been on the top of our list of ideas for making user experiences better,” Sawyer said. “It feels great to provide that for all CMU stakeholders and visitors.”
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