The week in photos: April 8-14

| Author: Aaron Mills | Media Contact: Aaron Mills

Some of the top photos from Central Michigan University events and activities during the week of April 8-14 as captured by University Communications.

A closeup image of flowers blooming on trees with the University Center blurred in the background.
Behind the Bovee University Center, flowers bloom as a reminder that spring has sprung.
A CMU student sits in a hammock tied between two trees on a nice sunny day.
With the return of the warmer weather, CMU students are always quick to string up their hammocks.
The U.S. flag and Progress Pride Flag wave from a flagpole as thin, white clouds float in the sky.
The Progress Pride flag waves boldly outside of Warriner Hall. April is CMU Pride Month, held annually to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community.
Students perform an Arab dance inside THe Townsend Kiva, which is a large, round room.
Multicultural Academic Student Services hosted Thowra Dabke to perform as part of Arab American Heritage Month in Townsend Kiva. Dabke is a form of traditional Arab dance often performed at weddings.


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