The week in photos: Jan. 2-8

| Author: Aaron Mills | Media Contact: Aaron Mills

Ahead of the start of the spring 2023 semester, approximately 60 students took part in the annual LeadersShape Institute, an intensive four-day retreat that provides participants the opportunity for self-discovery, self-reflection and feedback in a community of their peers.

A man with a beard and two female college students have their wrists tied together with rope as part of a team-building exercise.
Dan Gaken, director of the Sarah R. Opperman Leadership Institute, does a group exercise with students during LeaderShape.
A female college student standing in a gymnasium smiles while holding the edge of parachute as part of team-building exercise.
A student holds on to the edge of a parachute as part of a team-building challenge.
A female college student smiles while aiming to fling a rubber chicken from a slingshot.
This image has not been Photoshopped. Rubber chickens were, in fact, fired from slingshots during LeaderShape.
A female college student sits on the floor while writing on a large piece of paper.
During the four-day LeaderShape retreat, participants explored the impact that they want to have on communities.
A male student lies on the floor next to a large piece of paper while explaining what he wrote as CMU President Bob Davies looks on.
President Davies speaks with a student inside the Powers Ballroom.

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