The week in photos: July 1-7

| Author: Aaron Mills | Media Contact: Aaron Mills

Some of the top photos from Central Michigan University events and activities during the week of July 1-7 as captured by University Communications.

An American flag themed plate has two hamburgers on buns sitting on it. On one patty is painted the fire up emojis. On the other, the CMU action C.
Celebrating the Fourth of July with some truly Fired Up food.
Students and faculty members stand on the shores of Beaver Island looking at the water.
Professor and interim Director or the CMU Biological Station, Kevin Pangle, directs students in his ecology class to take samples in Lake Michigan near CMU's boathouse.
Two students wear waders in the water using nets for research.
Ecology students net for invertebrates in Lake Michigan.
Two students and a professor sit next to a river while doing research.
Students and faculty sample for invertebrates and other small creatures in Cable Creek on Beaver Island as part of the Stream Ecology course.
A student wears a dark blue lab coat in a lab as a beaker and test tubs sit on a table in the foreground.
Jeremiah Little researched water quality around Beaver Island as part of a visiting student program this summer, but is transferring to CMU this fall.


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