The week in photos: June 10-16

| Author: Aaron Mills | Media Contact: Aaron Mills

Some of the top photos from Central Michigan University events and activities during the week of June 10-16 as captured by University Communications.

Large cutouts of children’s book characters sit on a round, circular display in the middle of a room. Children’s books in glass display cases surround the walls.
Enchanting Collections/Collecting Enchantment: The Lucile Clarke Memorial Children's Library is on exhibit at the Clarke Historical Library through December 2024.
A pop-up book of Alice In Wonderland shows cards flying through the air, plus birds and a rabbit.
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (2003) is among the children’s books on display in the Clarke Historical Library. Collectors, book dealers, and librarians spent over five decades building the collection.
A view inside the Park Library looking up from the first floor towards the top. Stairways and railings along on the outer edges are lined with lamp posts.
A look inside the Charles V. Park Library from the stairway.
A wide-angle view in between two long bookshelves. At the center, in the distance, desk and chairs sit in front of a bright window.
Peering through the books on the fourth floor of the Park Library.
Next to two desks in the Park Library, a large circular window overlooks campus.
The Park Library offers many locations to work and study – some with a view!
A flowerbed filled with maroon and gold flowers spells the letters C-M-U. Behind it, a cement sign with the words Central Michigan University with the university’s seal.
The CMU flowerbed is in full bloom on the north end of Warriner Mall, near Grawn Hall.
A white stand-up sign sits outside of Warriner Hall. The words Welcome Admissions Visitors, Please Use Northeast Entrance are written on the sign, pointing towards a door.
A sign for New Student Orientation points the way to Warriner Hall.


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