The week in photos: Nov. 6-12

| Author: Aaron Mills | Media Contact: Aaron Mills

Some of the top photos from Central Michigan University events and activities during the week of Nov. 6-12 as captured by University Communications.

In the brightly lit Rotunda Room, dozens of people sit at round tables enjoying brunch while a presenter stands at a podium speaking.
The First-Generation College Celebration Brunch, hosted by First Gen Central and the Division of Student Affairs, is celebrated annually on Nov. 8 to commemorate the signing of the Higher Education Act of 1965.
A female college student sits at a table, smiling while in conversation with others at her table while they all enjoy brunch.
Students use their time at the First-Generation College Celebration Brunch to talk to and network with other students, staff, and faculty.
A wide angle view from below of a red leaf-covered tree standing next to the CMU Art Gallery.
Red leaves cling to branches on a tree outside the University Art Gallery on a cool November morning.
A wide angle view of a large maroon-colored vinyl sign on the side of a brick building that reads
A large sign on the side of Pearce Hall reads "Entering the Fired Up Zone."

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