University Communications merges integrated marketing, digital strategy teams

Abby Dean will lead new combined team as deputy chief marketing officer

| Author: Ari Harris | Media Contact: Aaron Mills

Central Michigan University’s University Communications team has merged its integrated marketing and digital strategy teams.  John Veilleux, chief marketing officer and vice president of University Communications, said the move will ensure a more engaging and consistent digital experience for website visitors and provide better support for campus partners.

“The website is the university’s largest marketing tool and one of the most vital ways we share information with our constituents,” Veilleux said. “Bringing these two teams together ensures we are able to provide the best customer service to our internal partners while also delivering the most engaging user experience to site visitors.”

Female with long brown hair wearing a black blazer and maroon shirt smiles outside for her headshot.Veilleux said Abby Dean, formerly executive director of integrated marketing, accepted leadership of the newly formed team. Dean was promoted to the role of deputy chief marketing officer in late May and immediately began the work of integrating the two teams. 

As part of the transition, Veilleux said he also has promoted Lauren Sawyer to the role of Senior Associate Director of Web and Digital Strategy to provide additional guidance and support for the digital strategists, web architects and designers.

A female with shoulder-length blonde hair and wearing a dark grey cardigan and blue polo smiles for her portrait against a dark grey studio backdrop.Following this change, University Communications will now have three functional areas: Integrated Marketing and Digital Strategy, Strategic Communications, and Visual Media.  

“In addition to leading our unit’s largest team, Abby will continue to work with campus leaders and the full University Communications team to create a fully comprehensive, university-wide approach to marketing and communications,” Veilleux said.

Dean joined the University Communications team in February of 2019 as the director of integrated marketing. Over the past several years, she led the development and launch of the university’s “We do” brand, including its Emmy-nominated, award-winning awareness campaign. The University Communications team received 15 recognitions for its marketing campaigns this year, including national and international honors such as Communicator, Telly, Stevie, Hermes Creative, AVA Digital, MarCom and Viddy awards.

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