Together, we will raise $100 Million.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Michael  Alford, Interm Vice President of AdvancementOur team has the privilege of partnering with alumni and friends to strengthen and enhance your interest, involvement, and investment with Central Michigan University.

With the support of our alumni and friends, we can become an even greater University. Your gifts of time, talent and treasure are key reasons that CMU is such a special place and provides a first-class educational experience,  in the state and nation.  From the student to the recent graduate, from the first time donor to the lifetime CMU supporter, to the volunteers, faculty, and staff on behalf of the Advancement team let me say thank you for what you do for Central Michigan University.

Fire Up Chips,

Michael Alford
Interm Vice President​​​
Mike O'Donell National Campaign Steering Committee ChairEvery contribution to the Campaign for Central Michigan will live on through generations of future Chippewas, helping provide the resources and opportunities our students need to become the business leaders, teachers, biologists, and surgeons upon which our great state and nation depend.

Thank you for everything you've done, and thank you for everything you're going to do.

Mike O'Donnell
National Campaign Steering Committee Chair