An AI literacy framework for Master of Business Administration programs

| Author: Conner Leslie | Media Contact: Kara Owens

Mirna Diab is a doctoral student in the Education Technology program at Central Michigan University. She is creating an Artificial Intelligence (AI) literacy framework for MBA programs that is aligned with industry expectations for MBA curricula. The framework aims to provide MBA programs with precise guidelines for enhancing their curricula, ensuring their graduates are equipped to meet the challenges and opportunities arising from the AI-driven business landscape. This project is Diab’s dissertation topic under the supervision of Mingyuan Zhang, Ph.D. 

The project is divided into three parts. First, Diab will develop a domain-centric AI literacy framework for MBA curricula. Second, she will gather industry insights through surveys and interviews to align the framework with industry needs and requirements. Third, she will assess the framework's effectiveness by employing global MBA curricula.  

The framework's formation comes from a systematic literature review and content analysis that delves into the application of AI in business education. This will be followed by a survey and interviews with high-level CEOs and industry professionals to align the framework with industry expectations. Finally, Diab will employ document analysis and quantitative analysis, ensuring a detailed exploration of AI literacy across global MBA programs. The expectation is that this will be done around 2025. 

So far, Diab describes the project as extensive, encompassing a significant amount of literature and systematic review. She believes that as AI gains prominence as a critical tool in the business sector, this project will equip students in the business program with the necessary AI skills to apply it effectively in a business context. 

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