Chairman of U.S. SEC visits CMU

Jay Clayton spoke to students about market prices, public service and the value of teamwork

| Author: Ari Harris

Students from the Central Michigan University College of Business Administration had the opportunity to meet with and hear from the chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Jay Clayton, Friday, Sept. 13, in the Sarah and Daniel Opperman Auditorium in Park Library.

Clayton gave an overview of the work of the SEC before sharing his thoughts on capital markets, creating economic environments to support entrepreneurship and the value of teamwork.

“Often the winning team is not just the one with the most individual talent, but the one that coordinates the talent they have most effectively,” Clayton said.

Following the presentation, CMU alums Robert Stebbins, the U.S. SEC general counsel, and Jon Voigtman, managing director at Royal Bank of Canada, joined the chairman for a panel discussion facilitated by finance and law faculty member Max Dolinsky. The panelists answered students’ questions on emerging issues and trends such as market prices, insider trading, private and public sector careers, and much more.

Clayton repeatedly emphasized the importance of teamwork, telling students, “Teamwork produces incalculable value. Better teams beat better individual talent all of the time.”

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