CMU biochemistry student earns prestigious fellowship

Noah Klan will research at the Life Sciences Institute this summer

| Author: Robert Wang | Media Contact: Robert Wang

Each year the University of Michigan Life Sciences Institute awards outstanding students fellowships in their Perrigo Fellowship Program. These fellowships provide undergraduate students from across Michigan with an immersive, hands-on experience in basic science research at the LSI.

CMU biochemistry student Noah Klan is this year's selected fellow. Klan expressed excitement about the opportunity to work alongside leaders in cancer research, stating that his experience in Dr. Steinhilb’s lab will be invaluable to his success in this program.

Dr. Michelle Steinhilb, a faculty member in the Department of Biology at CMU and Klan's research mentor, praised Klan's selection for the fellowship, saying, "Noah is a truly gifted student, and I am thrilled that he was selected for the University of Michigan Perrigo Fellowship Program this summer. Noah will be an asset to their research team and will shine in the LSI environment that embraces innovation, collaboration, and creative science.”

Fellows spend the summer working side-by-side with mentors in the state-of-the-art laboratories at the Life Sciences Institute, engaging in opportunities for science communication and chalk talks, mentor lunches, workshops, dinner outings, and other network building activities.

At the end of the summer, fellows will present their research to the LSI community during the capstone Perrigo Symposium.

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