Central Michigan University Extends Partnership to Empower State Employees' Education

| Author: Jaime Griffis | Media Contact: Jaime Griffis

Central Michigan University (CMU) proudly announces the extension of its partnership with the State of Michigan, dedicated to providing educational opportunities for state employees. Originally forged on July 31, 2017, this collaborative effort has the potential to positively impact over 48,000 individuals statewide and will continue doing so until November 30, 2028.

The partnership aims to bolster academic achievement among state employees and their families by offering accessible and affordable higher education opportunities. Through this collaboration, employees within state government gain access to significant tuition savings, enabling them to pursue further education and career advancement.

Charisse Blanks, Director of Career Services at the Michigan Civil Service Commission, expressed enthusiasm about the continuation of this partnership. "We know CMU is a recognized leader in higher education and that the university is committed to the academic achievement of the people of the State of Michigan," Blanks stated. "We are excited to be able to continue our partnership with CMU to offer tuition savings for employees within state government, giving our employees and their families easier access to unparalleled opportunities for engaged learning from an exceptional faculty."

CMU remains committed to empowering individuals through education. This renewed partnership underscores its dedication to fostering academic achievement and professional growth among state employees and their families. By offering significant tuition savings, CMU aims to make higher education more accessible and affordable for those serving the state.

"We are thrilled to extend our partnership with the State of Michigan to support the educational aspirations of state employees," remarked Dr. Kaleb Patrick, Interim Vice President of Central Michigan University. "At CMU, the belief in the transformative power of education is paramount, and the institution is honored to play a role in the continued professional development and academic pursuits of individuals across the state. This partnership extension reflects CMU's ongoing commitment to providing high-quality education that enhances careers and enriches lives."

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