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Patrick, Kaleb



After working in higher education for over 20 years, I can truly say, the most inspiring aspect about our work is in the ways we focus on student success and the evolution of an individual’s professional aspirations to create a meaningful and positive impact on their future lives.  It is why many of us choose to enter the field of education and why we feel so passionately about what we do as professionals.  As a career educator, it is my aim to employ a focused approach through the learning paradigm to assist the acquisition of knowledge through the unpacking of new ideas, concepts, theories, and models in such a way that assists in a personal, professional, and academic transformation.   Guiding learners to find alignment with constructive philosophies and worldviews, I attempt to aid students in the process of creating connections between content and application.  Ultimately, it is my goal is to assist learners in achieving their success as each individual defines it.
During the 20+ years I have worked in higher education, I have held roles as a grant project leader, administrator, faculty member, program director, and department chair.  My areas of professional and research interest include (a) student development in higher education, (b) online and post-traditional student learning, (c) the intersection between PK-12 and postsecondary education, (d) research methods, and (e) administrative leadership in postsecondary institutions.  I received my Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing from Ferris State University (98), Master of Arts in Humanities (08), Specialist in Education, Educational Technology (12), and Doctorate of Education, Educational Leadership (15) from Central Michigan University.