CMU medical students' video showcases the life of a family physician

| Author: Kelly Belcher | Media Contact:

As part of their coursework in their Medicine and Society class, eight second-year medical students created a short film about the life of a family physician.  The course itself explores topics and skills in research methods, public health and humanities to address the ethical, legal and cultural aspects of medicine in society.  Students in the class are encouraged to use art forms to explore the subject matter often presenting paintings, poems and creative educational materials.

This year, a group of students were inspired to work together to create a fictional video, entitled “A Heartbeat Away,” about a family physician who faces an ethical dilemma and how he navigates the situation.  Each student had a role:  Abhinav Nannapaneni wrote the script and directed the film, Kush Patel was the cinematographer and the cast consisted of Shahzaib Chughtai, Neehar Haryadi, Deepti Sanku, Ryan Graff, Sharat Kamath and Alan Ross. 

“I am so proud of the work these students did on this project,” said Beth Bailey, Ph.D. the Medicine and Society Course Director.  “They used their many creative talents to effectively and engagingly convey so many topics covered in the Medicine and Society course including medical ethics, doctor-patient relationships, physician wellness, and social determinants of health.”

After the movie was complete, the students had the opportunity to showcase their film at Celebration Cinemas in Mount Pleasant with a special Friday evening screening.  If you missed it, you can see the video HERE.

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