CMU physics alum earns award in Tech Sprint

Tech team addresses Veterans healthcare issues

| Author: Robert Wang | Media Contact: Robert Wang

Alex Johnson, a Central Michigan University Physics alum, recently participated in the Tech Sprint competition, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. 

The Tech Sprint competition is a three-month-long software development competition that brings together teams from industry, academia, and the Department of Veterans Affairs to create AI-enabled tools designed to address specific Veteran healthcare issues. 

Out of the nearly 60 teams competing in the Tech Sprint competition, Alex Johnson and the team from Scaled Entelechy, a tech startup led by Dr. Yohan Lee, placed second, impressing judges with their innovative approach and practical solutions. 

Johnson’s successful contribution to the competition reflects the exceptional skills that were developed in part through his education and training at CMU. His recognition is also an indication of the valuable contributions that CMU alumni are making to the fields of science and technology.  

Thank you, Alex, for being such an outstanding example of what it means to be a CMU Chippewa and congratulations on your win! 

At CMU, We Do World Changing! 

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