CMU research on new metal coating will reduce metal corrosion in solar power plant

Graduate student, Ezazul Haque Sabuz, completes a project studying the effect of thin film coating on 3D printed steel corrosion

| Author: Hadlee Rinn, ORGS Intern | Media Contact: Kara Owens

Ezazul Haque Sabuz poses in front of the CMU seal after completing a project studying the effect of thin film coating on 3D printed steel corrosion.Ezazul Haque Sabuz a graduate student in Engineering, researched corrosion resistance of 3D printed steel using thin film coating. In Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plants, mechanical components can degrade because of corrosion caused by molten salts. The manufacturing of the components with conventional technology creates a lot of material waste and restricts design flexibility, so 3D printing is becoming more popular.

In Sabuz’s study, Titanium-Zirconium-Nitride (TiZrN) coating was added to 3D printed 8620 steel to test how it would react in an environment with nitrate salts. The coating improved the corrosion resistance of the steel, making coated 3D printed 8620 steel “an excellent candidate for application in CSP plants.”

Sabuz was inspired to research this topic due to the increase in global average temperature because of increased use of fossil fuel-based energy sources. Sabuz says, “Bangladesh, my home country, will be the most negatively impacted country by global warming. Adopting renewable energy sources instead of fossil fuels can be crucial in slowing down the increase in global temperature.” His research addressed the issue of CSP plants facing corrosion limitations.

Sabuz’s research involved several experiments such as Potentiodynamic Polarization, Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy, high-temperature corrosion tests, X-ray Diffraction, and Scanning Electron Microscopy. Every experiment supported that the coating was successful in decreasing the corrosion rate.

Sabuz has received multiple offers from companies to begin working after graduation. He has also began working as a Design Engineer at an automotive company that develops electric trucks. He hopes to “continue learning in this arena for a sustainable future.”

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