CMU students transforming Mt. Pleasant parks

A creative approach to enhancing visitor experience

| Author: Robert Wang | Media Contact: Robert Wang

In a show of teamwork and creativity, students from Central Michigan University are reshaping the user experience within Mt. Pleasant City Parks. Led by Benjamin Heumann, a professor in the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, these students have come up with fresh ways to make park navigation easier, learning more fun, and visits more engaging.

Under Professor Heumann's guidance, the students took on the challenge laid out by Philip Biscorner, the Director of Parks and Public Spaces for the City of Mt. Pleasant. They didn't just map out the parks; they dove into them, using Geographic Information Systems to gather essential information. Then, armed with their findings, they got creative, brainstorming and sketching up new signs to fit the parks' vibe just right.

Their brainstorming led to three types of signs. First up, "main park signs" which aim to welcome visitors with comprehensive maps, park rules, and connections to the broader Mt. Pleasant community and the Saginaw Chippewa Tribe. Second, "trail junction signs" to aid users in navigating within the parks while offering valuable educational insights. Finally, "trail markers" will serve a crucial safety function, enabling users to communicate their location effectively in case of emergencies.

The innovative students recently presented their strategies to Philip Biscorner at city hall. Their vision promises to revolutionize the parks system.

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