Computer science department gets thumbs-up from ABET

The Central Michigan University Department of Computer Science just scored a big win – they've been officially accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, the big name in accrediting computing and engineering programs worldwide. This means that our Bachelor of Science in Computer Science has passed all the tough standards ABET set.

ABET isn't some faceless organization; it's made up of volunteer professionals who are experts in the field. These folks, through what they call the Computing Accreditation Commission, outline criteria and guidelines on standards needed to meet their rigorous requirements to be accredited. And our Computer Science program met every requirement they threw at it.

Getting this accreditation wasn't a walk in the park, it was a journey that started back in 2015. The department had to sweat it out, tweaking the curriculum and rules to fit ABET's standards. They even wrote up a whole report to show ABET just how hard they've been working. And in 2022, ABET came for a visit to see for themselves.

They had to jump through hoops, proving they were up to snuff on everything from advising students to making sure the faculty was top-notch. Plus, they had to make sure they were teaching all the right stuff – algorithms, programming languages, you name it. They had to pass every test in the book.

But now that they've got the stamp of approval from ABET, students can breathe easy knowing their education here meets the high standards of the computing world. And employers? They love seeing that ABET seal of approval. It tells them our grads are ready to hit the ground running.

ABET isn't just about getting the badge and calling it a day. They're all about getting better and better. So, the CMU Computer Science Department isn't resting on its laurels. They're going to keep on listening to feedback, making improvements, and churning out grads who are ready to take on whatever the tech world throws at them.

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