Computer Science majors win awards

Midwest conference tests skills ranging from Java development to cybersecurity

| Author: Gary H. Piatek

A group of CMU computer science majors recently brought home awards from the Midwest Collegiate Computing Conference, held this year at Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The conference’s goal is to provide college students a competitive environment in which to improve their skills while networking with local businesses.

The theme was “Connecting to the Future,” where speakers emphasized the direction of technology development in the marketplace. The competitions covered a range of knowledge and skills, including enterprise infrastructure, application development and systems/databases.

The winners are:

  • Paul Cappaert, a computer science and mathematics senior from Dekalb, Illinois, won first place in Java development along with Rohith Kamisetty, a computer science senior from Anantapur, India.
  • Kenneth Hall, a computer science junior from Bangor, Maine, won first place in IBM’s Master the Mainframe and second place in Java development.
  • Javarri Little, a computer science junior from Detroit won first place in system analysis along with Zach Hayward from Kingsley, Michigan. They both also won second place in cybersecurity.
  • Nathan Rossow, a computer science senior from St. Johns, Michigan, won second place in Java development and second place in IBM’s Master the Mainframe.

Students competed in a wide range of knowledge and skills including database design, Java development, network design, Microsoft Office solutions, visual studio development, Python programming, cybersecurity, project management, and Master the Mainframe.

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