Fashion, Merchandising and Design Awarded Grant from Cotton, Inc.

CMU program receives grant provided by Cotton Incorporated from the 2023 Cotton in the Curriculum Grant Program

Cotton Incorporated, a not-for-profit company whose mission is to increase the demand for and profitability of cotton through research and promotion, awarded Fashion, Merchandising and Design (FMD) a grant from the 2023 Cotton in the Curriculum (CIC) Grant Program for a proposal submitted by faculty member Joy Lee, “The Use of the CottonWorks™ Website as the Primary Material for an Introductory Fashion Merchandising Course.”

The purpose of this project is to use the CottonWorks™ website as an online open educational resource for two sections of the introductory-level FMD course: Introduction to the Fashion Industry.  Using the website, a set of unique content, activities, and assignments will be developed and implemented into FMD’s existing course site on BlackBoard and will be implemented in fall 2023.

“I am excited that the use of the CottonWorks™ website as an online Open Educational Resource (OER) will replace the current commercial textbook for these classes, and reduce students’ financial burden,” said Lee.  “Students will be better prepared for class because they can use the study materials whenever they are available. It will also create better engagement opportunities for students, leading to a better understanding of the fashion industry.”

The core information for this objective can be found on the CottonWorks™ website.

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