From Student Athlete to Athletic Trainer

How a torn ACL led a sports lover to find her calling in our athletic training program.

| Author: Ari Harris

Taylor Griffith loves everything about sports — playing them, participating in competitions and spending time with athletes. She knew she wanted a profession that would let her focus on those passions – she didn’t know it would be an injury that would introduce her to the right career path.

After tearing her ACL during her senior year, Griffith worked with an athletic trainer who helped her recover from her injury and get back on the field with her softball team.

“I learned a lot during that time and realized that athletic training fit what I envisioned myself doing in the future,” she said. “I knew I wanted to pursue a profession that allowed me to work with and give back to the athletic community.”

After earning her undergraduate degree at a small private college, Griffith was ready to explore master’s degree programs in athletic training. Her undergraduate advisor connected Griffith with Dr. Blaine Long in CMU’s athletic training department.

“I knew that CMU was going to be the right place for me after my in-person meeting with Dr. Long because I learned so many additional things about the program,” she said. “I really liked how CMU’s MSAT would allow me to get clinical experience in both the traditional and non-traditional settings so that I could not only learn what I enjoyed doing the most but also learn in each of the different fields.”

She also loved the campus at CMU – slightly larger than the private college she’d attended for undergraduate, but still a place where she’d get to work closely with faculty who would push her and shape her to do her best.

“The faculty and preceptors have been so helpful and always want to help you learn. I feel like the courses are set up to push you out of your comfort zone and to work hard but allow you to be the most prepared for your clinical field experiences.”

Griffith hopes to begin her career working with athletes at the collegiate level.

“I love that in athletic training you have the opportunity to understand and get to know your patients on a deeper level,” she said. “Often times, you are with a patient from the time they get injured, through the rehabilitation process and then proceed to watch them return to their sport healthy again. It's a very rewarding experience.”

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