The inspirational journey from student to audiologist, advocate and author

| Author: Kate Hodgkins

After being born with profound sensorineural hearing loss, Dr. Jasmine Simmons received her cochlear implant when she was two years old. Later at the age of seven, she was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, a progressive eye condition, which ultimately led to a diagnosis of Usher Syndrome, a diagnosis that involves hearing and vision loss. Despite these diagnoses, Dr. Simmons never wanted her disability to hold her back. Her dream was to be an audiologist, so that’s exactly what she did!

Dr. Simmons graduated from the University of Akron with her bachelor’s degree and then earned her Doctorate of Audiology in May 2020 from Central Michigan University. Dr. Simmons truly values the ability to help others with similar conditions to hers but also realized more recently that there is a gap in the information about disability and accessibility. As a result, she took this opportunity to spread awareness about disabilities through motivational speaking.

Beyond her roles as an audiologist and advocate, Dr. Simmons has added another title to her repertoire: children's book author. Her debut work, 'Extraordinary Jordyn and her Bionic Ears,' draws inspiration from a young girl she met during her own cochlear implant journey. Through this tale, Dr. Simmons illustrates that while children with disabilities face challenges, embracing their uniqueness empowers them to overcome obstacles and realize their dreams.

In addition to her determination, Central Michigan University played a pivotal role in Dr. Simmons's journey, with steadfast support from her professors fueling her success.

Extraordinary Jordyn and her Bionic Ears is now available! For hardback, you can purchase the book at Dr. Simmons' website. For paperback, you can purchase the book on Amazon!

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