Governor appoints CMU leader to Health Information Technology Commission

Alison Arnold will help guide use and understanding of health information technology

| Author: Kelly Belcher

Governor Whitmer recently announced several appointments to government boards and commissions including the Health Information Technology Commission. Her appointees represent Michigan’s young professionals, communities of color, seniors and more. Sixty percent of appointees are women or people of color making the Whitmer cabinet the most diverse in Michigan history.

The Michigan Health Information Technology Commission’s mission is to facilitate and promote the design, implementation, operation, and maintenance of an interoperable health care information infrastructure in Michigan.  Together, the Commission members work to identify critical technical, scientific, economic and other critical issues affecting the public and private adoption of health information technology. Through their efforts, their activities increase the public’s understanding of health information technology and promote more efficient and effective communication among multiple health care providers.

CMU’s own Alison Arnold, Ed.D, was recently appointed to the HIT Commission to represent schools of medicine throughout the state. Arnold has a bachelor’s degree in English and Secondary Education from Wittenberg University and a doctorate in Educational Leadership from CMU. “I am honored to contribute to the Commission and to bring a lens into unique aspects of rural health,” said Arnold. “Critical health care workforce shortages are prevalent throughout Michigan’s 57 rural counties where nearly 20% of Michiganders reside.” 

She currently serves as the executive director of the College of Medicine Rural Health Equity Institute. The RHEI focuses on the health priorities of our rural communities and seeks to improve access to services, expand telehealth capacity and deliver the education and training necessary to respond to local needs. Her experience cuts across education, business, and philanthropy. With over 20 years in education administration, she has led community engagement initiatives, grants, and partnerships to support learning for P-12 and higher education institutions.

“The College of Medicine is committed to improving health care access and overall health outcomes in our region, our state and our country,” stated Dr. George Kikano, vice president for health affairs and dean of the CMU College of Medicine. “In a time of rapid advancements in science and technology, it is imperative that medical providers embrace new methods of reaching and treating individuals who would otherwise have limited access to medical care.  Alison’s expertise will be invaluable to advancing these efforts."

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