Graduate student follows beat of heart to compile flute music

Graduate student, Hope Spaw, created a resource for Michigan music teachers teaching flute.

| Author: Hadlee Rinn | Media Contact: Kara Owens

Hope Spaw, a graduate student studying flute performance and conducting, evaluated and categorized Michigan-based high school flute choir music to create resource materials for Michigan high school teachers. Spaw separated the music based on grade level and the instruments involved in the piece.  


Spaw began her research by finding composers and publishing companies connected to the state of Michigan. Spaw also strived to find music accessible to all high school programs, which may not have access to different types of flutes. From this list she compiled, Spaw picked out pieces which she found most valuable to teach students.  


The goal of Spaw’s research was to create a valuable resource for music teachers and to encourage flute players to explore flute choir music. Through this music, flute players can learn “rhythmic skill, tonal beauty and expressive skills.”   


Spaw also presented her findings at the Michigan Music Conference in January 2023, along with flute professor, Joanna White, DMA, and the Central Michigan University Flute Choir. In this presentation, Spaw highlighted composers from CMU who have composed pieces for flute choir.  


Spaw began playing flute at 10 years old, which led to her continuing to study music at the university level.  After graduation, Spaw plans to teach public school band at the high school level. 

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