CMU Professor Inducted into the CSCA Hall of Fame

Dr. Edward A. Hinck, Department of Communication Professor and Chairperson, Inducted into the CSCA 2023 Hall of Fame

Central States Communication Association (CSCA) is an academic organization of communication professionals including college and university professors, students, and K-12 educators.

CSCA was founded in 1931 to promote the communication discipline in educational, scholarly, and professional endeavors. The association consists of the 13 Midwestern states of North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio.

The organization has grown to become the largest regional communication association in the United States and the fourth largest academic communication association in the world.

CSCA Hall of Fame membership is given to those who have been a member of CSCA for 25 years or more and who have contributed to the discipline of communication through meritorious scholarship, teaching/mentoring, participation at conventions, and service to the association. 

Headshot of Ed Hinck set in front of a gold backdrop.One of this year’s CSCA Hall of Fame inductees is Central Michigan University’s own Dr. Edward A. Hinck, Department of Communication Professor and Chairperson.

One of his nominators wrote, "I went on to get my Masters and Ph.D. in this discipline because Ed helped me believe that I could. He is the reason that I am now a life-time member of CSCA. Dr. Hinck's mentorship is the reason I am a communication professor. He is the reason I submitted a research paper to CSCA as an undergraduate and there is nothing fragile or fleeting about Ed Hinck's scholarship legacy. He molded what a mentor should be like."

Another of his nominators stated, "Ed pours his heart and soul into his students and their research. And he has done this for years. This type of sustained enthusiasm and attention is so rare and is completely in line with the spirit of the award. To me, Ed is CSCA. He is the reason I go, the reason I see the organization as important, and the reason I see my work as connected to the CSCA mission." 


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