Student affairs AVP announces retirement

Voisin leaves legacy after career at CMU

| Author: Heather Smith

Anthony (Tony) Voisin, associate vice president of student affairs, came to Central Michigan University as a student in 1980. He loved the campus and community so much, he simply never left.

Now, after four decades as an undergraduate and graduate student, employee and administrator, Voisin announced plans to retire from the university this summer.

"The name Tony Voisin is synonymous with Central Michigan University," said CMU President Bob Davies. "He started as a student and then spent his career supporting our students. Our university is a better place because of him — he is truly leaving a legacy."

Voisin-wrapVoisin began his CMU career as a residence hall director in 1985. He held various roles within Residence Life until 1999 when he was hired as director of alumni relations. In 2001, he returned to student life, an area in which he has devoted the rest of his career.

Voisin served as both assistant dean and interim dean of students, assistant vice president of student affairs, and interim vice president for enrollment and student services. Most recently, Voisin has guided the student affairs team through the ongoing global pandemic as associate vice president of student affairs.

"Voisin's devotion to CMU students — their mental health and overall success — is unparalleled," Davies said. "He has provided strategic and meaningful guidance to me in leading our university through COVID-19, and his leadership has been instrumental in so many ways."

Voisin has been an advocate for student support throughout his career. He was instrumental in developing and staffing the very first student success center on campus. The effort included combining several critical student support services, including counseling, academic advising, career advising and more, into one easy-to-access service for students.

"CMU was way ahead of most other institutions in the country when it created its student success center in the mid-1990s. Tony's leadership and ingenuity made that happen," said Shaun Holtgreive, interim assistant vice president for student affairs.

In addition, Voisin worked with the Student Government Association to develop the Campus Programming Fund, which allocates funds to student organizations, allowing their members to manage and budget their finances accordingly. He also provided support and guidance for the Cross-Campus Leadership Initiative, creating a structure to further expand leadership opportunities for CMU students.

Through all his roles and achievements, however, Voisin is best known as an advocate for students' care and wellbeing.

"Tony knocked down many silos between services such as counseling, the CARE Advocates and SAPA. This led to better services and helped so many CMU students who were truly at risk," Holtgreive said.

Voisin plans to retire July 6. Davies said the university will conduct a national search for Voisin's successor and expects to form a search committee in the very near future.

As Davies said, "Tony leaves big shoes to fill."

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