The week in photos: June 5-11

| Author: Aaron Mills | Media Contact: Aaron Mills

Some of the top photos from Central Michigan University events and activities during the week of June 5-11, as captured by University Communications.

A professor and a student sit at a table discussing fashion design as a mannequin in an army uniform stands in the foreground.
Inside the Center for Merchandising and Design Technology, staff member Lauren Agnew and student Isabella Silos discuss the 3D body scanning process.
A female student in a black body suit stands in a body scanner as red lasers shine at the camera.
Dance studies major Isabella Silos poses in the 3D body scanner.
A student rides a longboard down a sidewalk on a sunny day as a tree stands tall in the foreground.
A student longboards through campus on a calm, early June morning.
Two female students play catch with a flying disc outside.
Students play catch with a flying disc on a beautiful spring day at the Warriner Mall.
Red and white flowers bloom in the foreground of a low angle wide shot of the Bovee University Center.
Blue skies over the Bovee University Center for the first day of new student orientation.
Peeking through the trees, the Education and Human Services Building stands tall in the background with a blue sky overhead.
Peeking through the trees toward the Education and Human Services Building.

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