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Parents Fund

What is the Parents Fund?

As a CMU parent, you know your son or daughter will receive a quality classroom education; however, you also know there is more to a quality education than the classroom experience. You also want your student to experience a diversity of ideas and cultures, to learn to make strong decisions, to develop a heightened sense of awareness, all within a supportive environment. The Parents Fund provides support for academic and extracurricular experiences for all students.

What does the Parents Fund accomplish?

Hundreds of dedicated parents support the programs sustained by the Parents Fund each year. The Parents Fund has supported:

Your participation is vital​

Annual support is a measure of parent satisfaction with CMU. Businesses and foundations consider parent participation when determining to which universities they will award grants. Your participation affects all areas of support. At CMU, we are happy to provide an excellent education, both in and out of the classroom. In the fall, you will receive a phone call asking for a donation to the CMU Parents Fund. Your support will allow CMU to continue to provide educational experiences that will benefit your son or daughter well into the future.​​​​​​​
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