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Where to Give

In recent years, philanthropic giving has played an increasingly vital role in higher education.

Providing much-needed funds that touch the lives of countless students in a variety of ways, ranging from scholarships that expand access to higher education to the creation of innovative new programs and outreach efforts that help students develop the skills needed to succeed in the workforce after graduation.

Prospective donors can learn about a number of rewarding ways to support CMU.

Naming Opportunities

​​​​​​​​​​By lending your name, the name of another individual, group, or business, you become a part of the strong tradition that is Central Michigan University. Named programs offer significant support for endowed student scholarships, faculty research, creative endeavors, or even the construction or furnishing of a university building. Named programs at Central Michigan University give special honor to the person or group for whom the program is named, as well as to CMU. Consider naming a Faculty Program or establish a Student Fund that will exist all time. Naming Buildings or even rooms within buildings on campus is a very visible and lasting way to leave a legacy of support.

How your gift will make an impact