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A community responds

A message from CMU President George E. Ross

Contact: Heather Smith

Dear members of the Central Michigan University community,
including those who joined our family for the first time yesterday

Our campus yesterday morning was the site of a traumatic incident. This has saddened all of us, and we extend our deepest sympathies to the Davis family.

As we have so often before, our campus and our community came together yesterday. I commend each of you for your actions to ensure campus safety, to apprehend the suspect and to support each other throughout the day.

We talk often about One CMU. Yesterday, we lived it.

Whether you sheltered in place and supported those around you, worked in our command center, or played a role in caring for, guiding and comforting others, I thank you.

As students, faculty and staff members, parents, area residents, community and business leaders, alumni around the world, and sometimes, as friends we've yet to meet, you have prayed for and supported us. Thank you.

If you were among the more than 100 law enforcement personnel who joined the CMU Police Department and our other local law enforcement partners to keep our community safe, you became part of our family yesterday. And for that, all of us extend our lasting gratitude.

Each of you, in your own way, upheld and expanded the strong sense of community that makes Central Michigan University and Mount Pleasant so special. Your responses have proven once again that communities have boundless strength … which gives all of us hope for the future.

We extend our comfort and care to each individual touched by this event. Our many campus and community resources are available to assist students, faculty and staff.

The support we have shared with each other since yesterday morning will be just as important in the days, weeks and months ahead. Together, we will begin to heal.


CMU President George E. Ross

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