7 ways CMU supports international connections

Newly renamed Office of Global Engagement benefits faculty, staff and students

​Increasing global experiences for students and ensuring a positive experience for international students are just two of executive director Jennifer Evanuik's goals for the newly renamed Office of Global Engagement.

​"What I want is for international topics to be a part of our culture here," Evanuik said. "Internationalization can benefit everyone at CMU, including supporting a more diverse and inclusive student body, imparting our students with critical global skills and perspectives, and raising our overall profile as an institution."

​The name change from the Office of International Affairs is the first step toward reaching these goals.

​"Global is inclusive of all communities, reflecting that global learning and experiences can take place anywhere, including here on campus, and not just abroad," Evanuik said. "Engagement implies both action and commitment."

​Here are seven ways the Office of Global Engagement, which includes Study Abroad and International Student and Scholar Services, benefits faculty, staff and students at CMU:

  1. Guidance figuring out the technicalities — Visiting students and scholars can turn to International Student and Scholar Services for help with everything from applying for a visa to acclimating to life on campus.
  2. Support for students going abroad — Students who connect with a study abroad advisor receive help choosing a program, researching international internships and applying for scholarships.
  3. Help for faculty going abroad — Global Engagement staff support the creation and delivery of faculty-led study abroad programs, support faculty applications for international grants, and support faculty finding Overseas teaching opportunities.
  4. Assisting study abroad students upon their return — Study Abroad's re-entry resources can address reverse culture shock when returning home and advise students on how to highlight an international experience on a resume and in a job interview.
  5. Connection with a global ambassador — The diverse and motivated international students and scholars aim to foster global awareness, increase cross-cultural education and strengthen internationalization at CMU.
  6. Review of international partnerships and agreements — The office's expertise in international partnerships helps create more opportunities for internationalization at CMU.
  7. Partnership for globally focused programming — Bring global experiences into the classroom and campus by partnering with the office to host the global ambassadors, have study abroad presentations or help tie international topics into the course curriculum.
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