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Each of our academic programs offers a study abroad or study away option that is specific to an area of study and can be applied to your credits toward graduation.

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    South Africa | Summer 2024

    EDL 752: Educational Systems in Post Apartheid South Africa

    Dates: July 7-July 18

    We will fly into Johannesburg and then travel to Cape Town. During the trip you will have the opportunity to visit with many institutions of higher education and talk with South African educational leaders, visit the famous apartheid museum, experience an authentic Safari, and explore a coastal country rich in history.

    Contact Anne Hornak for more information

    Learn more about this program on the Study Abroad website.

    This is an advanced-level course where undergraduate and graduate students will experience the global fashion industry in Asia. The trip is designed to help expand your understanding of the global fashion industry through site visits to manufacturing facilities, merchandising and retail offices, retail centers, design houses, museums, and auxiliary enterprises.

    Contact Dr. Su Kyoung An to find out more about upcoming dates.

    This class has temporary approval as a University Program IVB offering.

    Fashion in Paris!

    Learn French fashion, language, cuisine, culture, and history in the fashion capital of the world. Students will have the opportunity to learn a variety of haute couture techniques including methods of millinery, textile dyeing, and hand pleating in the Madame Grés method. View and assess fashion boutiques in Paris, and mock-up a boutique of your own design.

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    Experience Italy!

    International Reggio-Inspired Early Childhood Learning
    Explore northern Italy and learn how the community of Reggio Emilia choose to use their World War II recovery funds to invest in the education of their youngest citizens.

    During this international cultural immersion experience, you will be able to better understand the ever-evolving practice of the Reggio Approach to early childhood education within the context of local cultural, political, and social influences.

    The experience will include visits to two other cities or regions of cultural significance.

    Duration: Approximately 2 weeks in Italy
    Semester: Summer 2022
    Course: HDF 321
    Application Deadline: TBD
    Contact: Cheryl Priest
    This class has temporary approval as a University Program IVB offering.

    View the Reggio Emilia Brochure

    Experience Teaching and Learning in an Irish Classroom
    May15-May 26, 2024

    The Teacher and Special Education department is excited to offer this wonderful opportunity to visit Westport, Ireland and experience Irish education. Students participating in this study abroad opportunity will be able to participate within a classroom environment for a full week. Previous placements have occurred in a wide diversity of settings ranging from an outdoor preschool to an elementary school in the heart of Westport. Students will also take EDU 508: Global Education Field Experience (3 credits) which focuses on learning more about the impact of land and language in the Irish education systems through a field-based experience. 

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    Immokalee, Florida

    Spring Semester (Student Teaching)
    This is an excellent opportunity for student teachers to experience an alternative student teaching placement in a diverse setting, yet still remain in the United States. Student teachers will be placed in the unique small town of Immokalee, part of Collier County School System, which is home to many migrant and immigrant families who work in the surrounding fields. Student teaching placements are available at all levels.

    Live with other student teachers to create and seek advice about lesson plans, and work in a diverse class of students that use Spanish as their first language.

    Discuss what you have learned with CMU staff and other student teachers, and complete your student teaching and seminars. You will always take with you a piece of Seminole culture from Immokalee.

    Global Experiences

    Santo Domingo Dominican Republic!

    Fall Semester (Student Teaching)

    Live and learn in the capital and largest city of the Dominican Republic! Explore Santo Domingo’s natural beauty, travel city streets, walk on the beaches, and most importantly, have the ultimate student teaching experience.

    Teach in private secondary English-speaking schools that have been chosen for their high academic standards, diverse student and teacher backgrounds, and their curricular offerings.

    Participate in multiple excursions to areas like the Colonial Zone, Boca Chica, and La Cuerva. Take in the coral reefs of the south coast of the island nation, and see jungle forest habitats.

    Attend seminars to discuss your student teaching experiences in Santo Domingo in order to help you achieve success in the future.

    Global Experiences

    Westport, Ireland!

    Observe teaching and participate in classroom activities at select local schools in the beautiful Westport, Ireland.

    Witness the theory and methods typically discussed in the classroom, and practice the foundations of elementary, middle, and high school level education in Westport’s diverse schooling system. There will be two CMU professors for both secondary and elementary education that will work together to complement and coordinate the curriculum for your best interests.

    Get out of the classroom and sightsee beautiful places in Westport.

    If your focus is secondary education you will think critically on psychological foundations and middle to high-level teaching methods. For those whose focus is elementary education, you will be able to observe and reflect on theories of learning and development in a global setting. Everyone will have experiences that help them to re-see education from a new perspective.

    Global Experiences

    Disability in Southeast Europe
    Travel to Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Romania.
    Clinical placements with the University of Belgrade's Special Education and Rehab students.

    Milan Petrovic School (Novi Sad, Serbia)
    Camp program participation with clients
    Special Ed School programming observation (K-12)

    Equine Assisted Therapy (Slovenia)
    Cultural trips include trips to Romania, Croatia, or Hungary (or a combination)

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