CMU faculty collaborate on interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary education book

Wiline Pangle, Heather Trommer-Beardslee, Keeley Stanley-Bohn, Ann Dasen, and Jay Batzner join forces to write a book sharing classroom experiences.

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Removing the Educational Silos: Models of Interdisciplinary and Multi-disciplinary Education was a collaborative effort between CMU faculty Wiline Pangle (biology), Heather Trommer-Beardslee (theatre and dance), Keeley Stanley-Bohn (theatre and dance), Ann Dasen (theatre and dance), and Jay Batzner (music). 

The group worked together to edit the book which included soliciting contributions from scholars in the field who are currently engaged in multi- and interdisciplinary models of teaching. The editors also contributed three chapters to the text.  

Batzner says, “We got project submissions from around the world, which was […] exciting, and the selection process was done by the whole group. We focused individually on chapters/projects that fit our own areas.” 

Common themes occurring throughout the entire book include collaborative teaching, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary theory, lesson examples, the navigation of administrative systems, and critical analysis related to student learning objectives. 

Pangle, Trommer-Beardslee, Stanley-Bohn, Dasen, and Batzner hope that the book is used by educators as a source of inspiration for their own teaching endeavors. 

The book is available at Walmart, the University of Chicago Press, Intellect Books, and Amazon.  

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