CMU professor elected to fellowship in the Geological Society of America

| Author: Robert Wang | Media Contact: Robert Wang

Dr. Mona Sirbescu, a professor of geology in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Central Michigan University, has been elected to Fellowship in the Geological Society of America. Fellowship is awarded “in recognition of a sustained record of distinguished contributions to the geosciences,” making it a significant achievement in Dr. Sirbescu’s career.

Mona Sirbescu in a blue shirt examining a rock on a lab table.Reflecting on her achievement, Dr. Sirbescu stated, "It is a pretty high accolade in my career. Getting this title is a big deal for me, and I’m super honored. It’s like climbing a mountain – it’s been tough, but now I can finally see the top. I just need to keep going to reach the summit!”

The GSA, one of the largest international professional associations for geosciences, awards Fellowship to a select group of individuals each year. With a membership comprising 22,000 geoscientists from academia, industry, and government, the few tens of new Fellows added annually represent a highly competitive and distinguished cohort. Dr. Sirbescu has been a dedicated member of GSA since her graduate school days and consistently presents her research alongside CMU students at their annual meetings.

Dr. Sirbescu’s Fellowship is the result of a rigorous nomination process and committee decision. She was recognized for her combined achievements in two key categories: Scientific Achievement: Discovery & Application, and Training and Mentoring of Geoscientists. Dr. Larry Lemke, chair of the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at CMU, spearheaded her nomination and gathered supporting letters from three esteemed professors from other institutions.

Lemke noted: “Mona Sirbescu is a dedicated teacher-scholar who has mentored more than 50 undergraduate research projects. Her research has advanced our understanding of the origins and prospectivity of lithium-rich pegmatites, which play an increasingly important role in our green energy transition.”

In September, Dr. Sirbescu will attend the GSA Annual Meeting, known as GSA Connects, in Anaheim, California. During this event, she will be formally recognized on stage where her citation, penned by Dr. Lemke, will be read aloud. Additionally, her name will be permanently listed on the GSA website, a testament to her lasting contributions to the field, as long as she remains a member of the organization.

This GSA Fellowship not only honors Dr. Sirbescu's significant scientific achievements but also underscores her dedication to mentoring the next generation of geoscientists. Her recognition by the GSA is a source of pride for Central Michigan University and an inspiration to her colleagues and students alike.

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