CMU’s professional sales fraternity excels at national convention

Chapter ranks high in several categories

| Author: Megan Mearnic | Media Contact: Jessica Meyers

Central Michigan University’s Pi Sigma Epsilon sales fraternity recently sent 17 members of the Zeta Nu Chapter to the annual Pi Sigma Epsilon national convention in Norfolk, Virginia. The convention offers valuable opportunities for students to expand their professional network, learn from industry leaders, connect with employers, and showcase their skills in various competitions.  

The students' hard work and dedication paid off as they took home multiple awards, including scholarships and competition victories.  

As a chapter, CMU placed first in the Pro-Am-Sell-a-Thon Team Competition. This yearlong competition provides an opportunity for students to learn and apply all aspects of the sales process.  

For the past ten years, CMU has received the Arno Kleimenhagen Award for Sustained Excellence recognizing their placement as a high achieving chapter. 

CMU’s chapter placed as follows: 

National Awards Program  

  • Arno Kleimenhagen Award for Sustained Excellence awarded to Central Michigan University  

  • Finalist - Top Alumni Advisor - Ben Griffith 

  • Finalist - Top Chapter Recruitment Program 

  • Finalist - Top MKT/Sales Project – Profit 

  • Finalist - Top PSE Salesperson - Kayli Kalish 

  • Finalist - Whan Challenger Award – Marisa Lopez 

National Convention Pro-Am Sell-a-Thon Team Competition  

  • 1st Place won by Central Michigan University  

National Convention Pro-Am Sell-a-Thon  

  • 1st Place - Kayli Kalish 

  • 4th Place - Aysha Hassan 

  • Top 10 - Kyleigh Golightly 

  • Semifinalist - Noel Durham 

  • Semifinalist - Faith Weide 

  • Semifinalist - Marisa Lopez 

Yearlong Pro-Am Sell-a-Thon Competition  

  • 2nd Place - Kyleigh Golightly 

  • 3rd Place - Kayli Kalish  

National Speakers Competition  

  • Finalist - Faith Weide  

National Educational Foundation Scholarship Program  

  • Cintas Scholarship won by Kyleigh Golightly 

  • UPS Scholarship won by Mark Paparella  

Interview Competition  

  • Finalist - Faith Weide   

  • Finalist - Marissa Crase 

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