Follow CMU researchers to the Antarctic

Biology faculty members, doctoral students will study marine biodiversity

A team of two Central Michigan University biology researchers and two doctoral students will set sail in September to sample marine invertebrates and microbes living in the waters off Antarctica.


Andrew Mahon

Deric Learman

Faculty members Andrew Mahon and Deric Learman will lead the CMU team that also will include students Jessica Zehnpfennig and Madeline Armstrong.

Their research aboard the R/V Nathaniel B. Palmer from Sept. 22-Dec. 18, 2020, will help improve understanding of biodiversity and evolutionary history in Antarctic waters.

You can follow their cruise at where they will post blogs and photos. You also can follow the crew on Twitter at @CMU_Antarctica, @GeoMicro_DRL, @kmkocot, @Icy_Inverts_AU and the hashtag #IcyInverts. When possible, they will include YouTube videos and other media in their posts.

The field team also will consist of researchers from Auburn University and the University of Alabama.

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