Future teachers share pride in their career choice

Partnership with state aimed to boost teaching

| Author: Eric Baerren | Media Contact: Aaron Mills

Future teachers from Central Michigan University shared their pride in their chosen career paths in videos that the state hopes will help boost recruitment into the profession.

Isabel Stefanelli was one of them.

“I want to be a teacher because I’ve always really liked working with kids and knowing you are someone who has a really profound impact on their lives,” she said. “I’ve had so many teachers that have really helped me throughout my life, and I just want to be someone that helps other kids in that same way.”

Ten Central Michigan University teacher candidates have recorded testimonials about why they chose education for Future Proud Michigan Educator, a Michigan Department of Education program intended to increase the number and diversity of teachers in Michigan schools.

The videos were posted to the DOE’s Future Proud MI Educator Videos YouTube playlist under the #proudMIeducator hashtag.

Eight of them volunteered during a March conference for student teachers who are preparing to move into the workforce, said Mindy Keck, senior coordinator of clinical experiences in the Office of Educator Preparation Programs. The Office of Educator Preparation Programs is part of the College of Education and Human Services.

The teacher candidates were asked why they wanted to be teachers. The most common reasons cited were teachers who served as strong role models and a desire to help shape the futures of children.

So far, only CMU teacher candidates have recorded testimonials.

The conference, in its eighth year, was held in conjunction with the DOE, Keck said. Teacher candidates who agreed to appear were filmed the same day by a company contracted by the DOE.

The videos were released in conjunction with Teacher Appreciation Week, the first full week of May, Keck said.

Teacher Appreciation Week’s goals are to express appreciation for current teachers while also attracting people into entering the career, she said.

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