Impressive immunology

Biology professor Stephen Juris, Ph.D. has published his textbook Immunology, an introductory text on the study of the immune system

Headshot of Biology Faculty member, Steve JurisStephen Juris, Ph.D., a professor in the Department of Biology, has recently published his textbook Immunology, designed to be an introductory text to the study of the immune system and its functions. The book is published by Oxford University Press and has been a work in progress for over seven years. The goal of the textbook is to make sure students understand both the specific content and the big picture and teach the most up-to-date information available.

Immunology is designed to keep students engaged, featuring learning objectives and illustrations intended to help readers “connect the dots”. Juris claims his largest success with the book was being able to use his “teacher voice” to make the content more easily understandable. This helped ensure that the textbook wasn’t just an encyclopedia of the field, as immunology is a rapidly expanding area of study. Picture of a Scrap Art Figure from Steve Juris' book

Juris claims the opportunity to write this book was a matter of “stars aligning”, as the question of writing a textbook was raised right before he began his first sabbatical. He completed his sample chapters and proposal during that time and was able to sign his contract for the book in 2014. “It was very exciting to work on the book, as I was able to use my love of teaching the course in publishing the book,” says Juris. His work consisted not only of writing the book, but of making sure he information was accurate and current, and creating his vision for the images that would be featured in the book, called “scrap art”.

The textbook is available through a variety of online vendors, such as Oxford University Press and RedShelf. The print copy is $149.95 through the publisher, and a virtual copy is available through RedShelf to rent for 180 days for $60.

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