Linxi Zhang joins CMU, shaping the future of cybersecurity education and research

| Author: Robert Wang | Media Contact: Robert Wang

Central Michigan University's Department of Computer Science proudly welcomes Linxi Zhang one of its newest faculty members, bringing with her a wealth of expertise and a passion for advancing cybersecurity education and research.

Linxi's journey into computer science began during her formative years in high school, where a budding interest in STEM subjects laid the foundation for her future endeavors. This initial curiosity evolved into a deep fascination with computers and hacking during her college years. Crucially, it was the mentorship and support of key figures, notably her advisor—a remarkable woman in the field—that not only served as guiding lights but also steered Linxi towards an academic career in cybersecurity.

At CMU, Linxi is honored to contribute to the undergraduate cybersecurity major program introduced in Fall 2022. With a commitment to excellence, she is developing and teaching courses covering a broad spectrum of topics crucial to cybersecurity, including social engineering, cybersecurity ethics, law and policy, and hardware security. Her overarching aim is to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to tackle the multifaceted challenges of cybersecurity with confidence and competence.

Linxi's research focus lies at the intersection of cybersecurity and automotive technology. With a keen eye towards safeguarding vehicular systems against cyber threats, she is exploring advanced solutions that not only contribute to the academic community's knowledge but also bolster the practical defense mechanisms within the industry. Her research endeavors align seamlessly with the department's overarching goals of leading the charge in cybersecurity education and innovation.

Joining CMU marks a significant milestone in Linxi's career journey. She is particularly enthused about contributing to the university's new cybersecurity program and its robust diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. Linxi takes pride in her role in organizing CMU's inaugural Women in STEM panel, underscoring the university's commitment to expanding opportunities and fostering inclusivity within the cybersecurity domain. For Linxi, it is a privilege to be part of a community that values and actively promotes these principles.

As Linxi Zhang steps into her role at CMU, she brings with her a blend of passion, expertise, and a commitment to shaping the future of cybersecurity education and research. Her journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring cybersecurity professionals and underscores the transformative power of mentorship and dedication.

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