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Funding awarded to advance projects related to complex analysis

A Central Michigan University Mathematics faculty member has been awarded a five-year Simons Foundation Collaboration Grant for collaborative research related to Cauchy-Riemann equations.


I am very happy to receive this funding," Debraj Chakrabarti said. "It will help me to advance my research program and foster collaboration with colleagues."

The grant for the project, titled "Analysis and Geometry in Several Complex Variables," will enable Chakrabarti to work with other researchers on projects related to Cauchy-Riemann equations in several variables and the Bergman space theory.

The research is in the area of complex analysis, which is a form of calculus. The difference is that the numbers used are not ordinary "real" numbers, but "complex" numbers, which include imaginary numbers such as the square root of negative 1.

"Apart from the theoretical importance of such results within mathematics, complex analysis is closely related to many applications, such as fluid flow, heat conduction, electrical circuits, etc.," Chakrabarti said. 

"It also is related to many topics in mathematics, such as prime numbers and geometry of higher dimensions." 

This is the second time Chakrabarti has received a Simons Collaboration grant, the first time being in 2014. 

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