CMU student wins $5,000 at Downtown Pitch event

Student entrepreneur to host community festival in Mt. Pleasant

| Author: Kyle Walker | Media Contact: Jessica Meyers

CMU student wins the first Downtown Mt. Pleasant Pitch Competition on November 9, 2022 hosted by the Middle Michigan Development Corporation. The Downtown Pitch is an effort to bring innovative ideas to life to increase the vibrancy of downtown Mt. Pleasant.

Erin Markovicz, a junior studying Business Management and Economics, won the Community Vibrancy Award at the Downtown Pitch Competition for her festival pitch. The prospective festival will bring various community partners to downtown Mt. Pleasant to enjoy live music, assorted artwork from the area and the opportunity to explore downtown.

John Gustincic, entrepreneurship faculty member and mentor for the Isabella Bank Institute for Entrepreneurship, said “The entire CMU community should be proud of Erin Markovicz accomplishment in winning the Community Vibrancy Award. The award aligns perfectly with Erin’s vibrant personality and her commitment to making the Mt. Pleasant community better for all.” 

In 2021, Markovicz won the Middle Michigan Development Corporation grant at CMU’s New Venture Challenge for her venture WoMa Bazaar, a pop-up community marketplace comprised of small businesses in the retail and food industry from the Mt. Pleasant area.

“A lot of people have asked me what I’m passionate about within entrepreneurship, and my answer has always been helping people and creating impactful events for the community. Winning this award puts me one step closer to achieving my goals,” said Erin. 

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