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Economics (Business)
Major, Minor

Program Overview

Every day, people ask: How can I meet my needs with what I have?

Economists ask the same question but on a societal level. In our business-focused economics program, you'll develop tools that draw on social science, mathematics and business. Once you graduate, you'll be able to predict how today's actions affect tomorrow's individuals, businesses, and nations.

Program Snapshot

Program Type: Full-Time
Location: On-Campus
Program Length: 4 years
Credit Hours: 21 - 33

Why This Program & What You'll Learn

As a student majoring in economics, you'll approach economics from a business perspective. You'll learn to help businesses identify problems and find solutions based on data-tested predictions of human behavior. Because while economics is considered a social science, it's also focused on numbers.

Like all economics students, you'll get the technical skills that prepare you for management. You'll start with core classes in accounting, business law, marketing and other topics. Then, you'll develop deeper skills in statistics, policy and decision-making.

Econ majors combine analytical thinking, quantitative reasoning and excellent communication skills to convey their arguments for others. Those skills are in demand and prepare you for a wide range of careers. Economics majors pursue careers in business, government, law, international affairs, public administration and education.

Program Highlights

As a student in the economics (business) major, you will:

  • Start working on your graduate studies through the Accelerated MA Program, in which you can complete your master's just one year after graduating.
  • Learn with active scholars: CMU's economics faculty have published in dozens of international journals.
  • Discover the problem solving and communication skills that improve decision-making and how decisions affect people.

Careers & Outcomes

Grads of our economics program work in equities trading, energy, public health and a wide range of other industries — exactly what you'd expect from this flexible major.

Career Projected Salary
Financial Recruiter $54,441
Market Research Analyst $63,920
Economist $105,630
Key Account Manager $75,371
Data Scientist $100,910

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