English 201 Student Research Exhibition

Honors students present research findings to their cohort

| Author: Liberty Guilmette

Central Michigan University’s Honors Program and the Department of English Language and Literature partnered to feature student work in a professional setting last spring.

Organized by Department Chair Steven Bailey, this exhibition allowed students in CMU’s Honors Program to conduct academic research in small groups within their ENG H201 class. The students then shared their findings with peers and professors in the ENG H201 cohort.

“I found the exhibition beneficial since it helped develop future career skills and enlightened me on the perspectives and passions of other honors students,” said student presenter Megan Miller.

Presentations ranged from Analysis on the Effect of Social Media on Buyer Behavior to Understanding and Overcoming Writer’s Block, and everywhere in between.

Student presenter Morgan Shrophire says the research exhibition “pushed me out of my comfort zone and placed me one step closer to the professional future I desire.”

This annual event encourages students in the Honors Program to enhance their writing, research, and public speaking skills.

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