MAC honors Fashion Merchandising and Design faculty member

Michael Mamp awarded for dynamic and inspirational teaching

| Author: Ari Harris

Fashion Merchandising and Design faculty member Michael Mamp has been named a recipient of the Mid-American Conference Outstanding Faculty Award for Student Success. The award honors MAC-member institution faculty members for their exceptional support and dedication to student success inside and outside of the classroom.

Story-MampMacAwardAfter a 14-year career in the fashion industry, Mamp found his passion as an instructor, sharing his knowledge of the fashion industry with students. For more than seven years, Mamp has been engaging CMU students in innovative courses such as History of Western Dress, Queer Fashion and Fashion Fundamentals.

In addition, Mamp is the founding faculty member and director of CMU's top-ranked online fashion merchandising and design program program. In the classroom, he empowers students to gain hands-on experience in well-equipped labs featuring technology, such as the Makerbot 3-D printing lab. He also leads study tours in fashion centers including Chicago, New York and Paris.

Mamp, a graduate of CMU, says many things have changed since he received his degree. What hasn't changed are the remarkable efforts of university faculty members to connect with students and maintain those relationships. He says crafting those relationships is the most rewarding part of the job.

"I think we have a responsibility to provide the best experience we can for those students, and I think we take that very seriously," he said.

This article was written by University Communications intern Caroline Kramer

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