New certificate focused on STEM skills at CMU

| Author: Ashley O'Neil | Media Contact: Ashley O'Neil

Beginning in January, students in the College of Science and Engineering (CSE) have the opportunity to collaborate with each other and (CSE) faculty as part of a new certificate they can earn alongside their degree. InSciTE is an integration of content, research, and pedagogy. The learner-led focus is intended to help students tackle current STEM challenges while developing skills such as time management, communication, and seeing the value that team members with different perspectives bring to the problem-solving process.

Throughout the fall, Dr. Wiline Pangle, InSciTE Director, organized a series of workshops for InSciTE faculty facilitated by Dr. Gina Wilson as a way to establish some of the guiding principles of the program – inclusive and collaborative practices. 

Dr. Mark Francek, one of the faculty who is set to teach in spring, sees this as a valuable learning opportunity. “I’m excited to work with Dr. Pangle. She’s dynamic. She has a research interest in this. And I’m eager to learn from her. to learn from my students… there are students from every discipline within science and engineering. Each of them are going to bring a different perspective, and I’m interested in learning from them.”

Staff members from The Center for Excellence in STEM Education also participated in this workshop series, and got a deeper look at the program’s innovative approach in talking with students who are in the program and several faculty members for the two episodes listed below on their podcast, Teach Wonder.

Learn more about InSciTE and stay tuned for additional updates once the 35 undergraduates of the pioneer cohort start the course , set to be taught by Pangle and Francek. 

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