Students Explore Contemporary and Historical German Culture

Honors Students join faculty-led study abroad trip to Germany

| Author: Sarah Buckley

For two weeks in June, Central Michigan University Honors students explored contemporary and historical German culture with faculty member Daniela Richter as they visited Jena, Hamburg and Berlin.

This faculty-led study abroad program offered students a variety of engaging experiences ranging from going on a hike lead by Jena student Philipp Leinenbach to meeting with U.S. Consul Ken Toko and learning about the political and economic importance of international connections and understanding.

Excursions to the Hamburg Port and the Porsche plant in Leipzig helped highlight the economic ties between the U.S. and Germany. The students also visited Johann Sebastian Bach’s birthplace and attended a concert at the prestigious Hamburg Elbphilharmonie to learn more about the cultural ties between Germany and the world.

Throughout the trip, the students also became skilled users of public transportation and enthusiastic samplers of Germany’s culinary culture.

Teaching major Cara Neidenbach says the trip showed her how a global citizen might see the world.

“There were plenty of surprises that forced vulnerability, cultural knowledge, and adaptability,” said Neidenbach. “Global citizenship does not make sense until you visit another country or actively participate in communities outside of your own culture.”

Music major Mario Sangret-Savalle agrees that the trip offered an increased understanding of global citizenship and cultural diversity.

“An understanding like this has multiple connections to my life, my career, and my place and purpose within the greater context of the world,” said Sangret-Savalle.

Despite the Honors designator, this course is open to all CMU students. Anyone interested in participating in the 2024 study abroad course (scheduled for May 24 – June 10), should contact Professor Richter at to make an appointment to learn more.

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