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Richter, Daniela


More about Daniela Richter

  • Ed., The German Historical Novel since the Eighteenth Century: More than a Bestseller. Newcastle upon Tyne, England: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016.
  • Domesticating the Public: Women’s Discourse on Gender Roles in Nineteenth-Century Germany. Bern: Peter Lang, 2012.
  • 19th-century German cultural studies
  • German travel literature
  • German historical novel
  • Archaeology as a theme in 19th-century German ​journals, historical n​ovels, museum culture
  • German women’s literature
  • German 19th-century literature

Courses Taught

  • Elementary German I & II (GER 101,102)
  • Intermediate German I & II (GER 201,202)
  • Advanced German II (GER 312)
  • Survey of German Literature I, II & III
  • Advanced Studies in German: Literature and Culture of East Germany
  • Translation: English-German
  • Modern German Literature in Translation
  • Independent Studies