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Graduate Studies Benefits

Three masters graduates wearing black gowns and purple tassels.

CMU Innovation and Online

From Fire Up Forward dual enrollment to sought-after degree programs, hone your skills with our professional development programs, or partner with us for customized learning solutions for your business.  We are with you every step of the way. We develop and deliver online professional development and graduate degrees that fit the needs of individuals and organizations.

A note from Graduate Studies

Congratulations on earning your degree! Before you get too far along in your post-graduate world, though, you should take some time to reflect on where you would like your career to take you in the next five, ten, or even twenty years. Remember to take some time and really think it through.

Looking at graduate school?

When selecting an ideal graduate school, only you will know what matters most, but make sure that the university is regionally accredited. CMU is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCACS), and the other regional accrediting bodies have similar names. Without regional accreditation, you might find it very hard for employers and other schools to recognize or accept your graduate degree.

Several search engines are available to help you find an ideal graduate school. Of course, CMU is often a perfect choice, but you might want to explore other options. Popular search engines include;;; and In addition to helping you find a job, CMU’s Office of Career Services can also help with your graduate school search and with entrance test information. Visit Career Services.

Why not consider CMU for your graduate work?

Whether formal or informal, it’s a fact of life in today’s world that you’ll always be learning. Please keep in mind that CMU is one of the country’s leading universities in continuing education, with online courses and over 60 locations throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. CMU offers more than 70 graduate degree programs at the master’s, specialist, and doctoral levels.

Once again, congratulations on earning your degree from Central Michigan University. You are now part of the extended CMU family and we are wishing you a very successful and rewarding career.