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Beaver Island research

Researchers run wild on Beaver Island

CMU Biological Station is a world away from Mount Pleasant campus

Contact: Heather Smith

When it comes to biology research, Central Michigan University offers the ultimate island getaway.

At CMU’s Biological Station on Beaver Island in northern Lake Michigan, biologists and students conduct many kinds of research in a variety of conditions, all at the same time.

The station boasts the Great Lakes basin’s only mesocosm facility, where 12 water tanks simulate natural environments under controlled conditions.

Current research at the station includes studies of three wild species: bloody red shrimp, an invasive pest with a foothold in the Great Lakes; lake whitefish, an important food source in decline; and island chipmunks, which are more than just cute faces.

Predators? What predators?


Ah, island life! CMU grad student explores what makes Beaver Island’s chipmunks act so chill.

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Pros and cons of an invasive species


For the creepily named bloody red shrimp in Lake Michigan, it’s eat and be eaten.

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Finding clues to a whitefish mystery


“Between the start and the end, there’s something going wrong” with an iconic Great Lakes fish.

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