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CMU to recognize faculty research, creative endeavors

Faculty Excellence Exhibition scheduled for March 23

Contact: Heather Smith

​Central Michigan University will recognize several outstanding faculty members at the 2017 Faculty Excellence Exhibition at 3 p.m., March 23, in the Bovee University Center Rotunda. Three faculty members will be recognized with the President's Award, and two will be honored with the Provost's Award. 

President's Award for Outstanding Research and Creative Activity

The President's Award recognizes outstanding senior faculty members for their scholarship of national and international merit.

Veronica Barone, physics

Veronica-Barone-physics.jpgBarone is a globally recognized physicist with a research focus on computational modeling of novel materials for energy applications. Throughout her career, her work has been cited thousands of times, she has published 53 articles and peer reviewed more than 50 articles. Barone was named the American Physical Society's Woman Physicist of the Month in June 2014, as well as recognized with the 2013 Outstanding Research Award within CMU's College of Science and Technology. She is known as a strong role model for many young female scientists in her field.

Joanne Dannenhoffer, biology

Joanne-Dannenhoffer-biology.jpgDannenhoffer is one of the country's leading plant structural biologists, with three main focuses in cellular molecular characterization of seed storage products, developmental anatomical studies of phloem – the sugar-conducting tissue in plants – and paleo botanical studies of fossil plants. Among her many research projects, Dannenhoffer also serves as a faculty mentor to doctoral students. She has mentored more than 50 graduate and undergraduate students; been part of 17 peer-reviewed research papers; and been awarded nearly $13 million in research funds, grants and contracts.

Michael Pisani, management

Michael-Pisani-Management.jpgPisani specializes in the business production sectors in the U.S. and Mexican border regions, offering tremendous value not only to academics but also to business professionals in the private sector. Pisani's work has been influential in providing multiple areas of collaboration and a narrative representation of new research methods and approaches to the continual problem of inequality and life-cycle well-being among the rapidly growing Hispanic population. He has co-authored three books in the last five years and has contributed 89 chapters throughout his career. Additionally, he has presented at more than 50 conferences and has received more than $700,000 to fund his projects.

Provost's Award for Outstanding Research and Creative Activity

The Provost's Award recognizes the excellent scholarship, creativity and promise of faculty members who are in the early stages of his or her academic career.

Linlin Zhao, chemistry and biochemistry

Linlin-Zhao-chemistry-biochem.jpgZhao is a biochemist who focuses his research on the mechanisms by which chemical modifications of DNA cause mutations, which provides important insights to how common chemicals can contribute to cancer. His significant research has been published in 22 articles, while Zhao himself is cited in 415 additional publications. He has received awards for his research efforts from renowned organizations including the American Chemical Society, the Department of Defense, the American Society for Mass Spectrometry and the U.S. Army Research Office.

Kelly Murphy, philosophy and religion

Kelly-Murphy-religion.jpgMurphy is an exceptionally creative scholar whose research focuses on Hebrew, Jewish and biblical studies, specifically ancient Israelite religion and early Judaism. Her work has been widely published in notable publications, including The Washington Post and Religion Dispatches, and she has a forthcoming book being published by the Oxford University Press. 

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